How to Donate Art

What is Jboi inc? Jboi inc is a live creative company. It’s a company that empowers the amazing creative young minds of our world and provides a place where kids can celebrate their imagination and their amazing capacity to love and help others. This is a place that says to each amazing child, “I MATTER. My mind, my thoughts, my decisions, my actions matter. I Matter.”

What kind of artwork can you donate? Any original artwork is accepted by anyone from babies to teenagers. You can send the actual artwork or a picture of your artwork. We have received pencil and pen doodles, scribble, crayon drawings and paintings. We get artwork on colored paper, lined school paper, sticky notes, pictures of drawings on paper and even pictures of drawings on the wall or chalk on the sidewalk… anything goes! It’s your beautiful imagination, so go for it. We love it all.

How can you donate art? If you are reading this, you are an Artist. Yes, YOU are an Artist, and YOUR ART is important. There is no artwork too small or too big. Your hard work and creativity is celebrated here. And YOUR ARTWORK helps children. You are important. You help children that need your help. We can receive your art through the mail or over email. Mailing address: 6496 Bordeaux, Dallas, TX 75209. Email address:

Please fill out and send these two forms with your artwork.     Permission Form            Free Gift Form

How do you become a Jboi inc FRIEND? When you donate artwork, you become a Jboi inc FRIEND and you receive a Jboi inc FRIEND bracelet to prove it! You also receive in the mail a super fun letter congratulating you on your creativity, your hard work and kindness for sharing your creativity to help children in need. OMG, totally cool.

What happens to your artwork? Cool creative stuff happens! Our super awesome, fun team puts your artwork on clothes. Crazy fun, right!! Our artist team first places your artwork on the Jboi inc Imagination Wall so we can all appreciate and be inspired by you, and then the team waits patiently and works creatively to find the most perfect place for your amazing art.

Why do we celebrate creativity? At Jboi inc we believe that creativity is not just something to look at. It’s a thought process. It’s a way we exercise our minds. It’s a way we ponder different outcomes. It’s a way we experiment. It’s a way we create ideas to improve life, ask “what if” and discover the new in this amazing world we live in. It’s a necessary tool for our children’s future so they can participate, affect and shape the world they want to live in.

Who does your artwork help? Money from the clothes goes to help the children of Jonathan's Place, a non-profit that protects and houses child victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Your artwork helps these children receive safety, love, food and education. And, our future goal is to hire parents and teenagers, who are also victims, and offer them job skills so they have the tools to create a better future for themselves and their children.

Saving the world one creative idea at a time!!!!