Bumper-Sticker Peace Pants

$58.00 $65.00

 Upcycled in the USA. Artwork was hand-stitched with love.

Artwork was created and donated by Brooke, 2nd grade; Cali, 2nd grade; Caylyn, 2nd grade; Chandler, 2nd grade; Emma, 8th grade; and Macie, 2nd grade.

$5.80 from the purchase of this Bumper-Sticker Peace Pants goes directly to help to help the children of Jonathan's Place. A non-profit that houses and protects child victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect. On behalf of these beautiful children, thank you for your love.

Our Future Goal: Often times a parent is also a victim. We are working toward hiring that parent to help give him/her an opportunity to learn job skills, provide safety and create a stable future for their child.